Going places in your role

Not everyone wants the disruption of moving the family to another country to experience new challenges in their role. For some it’s enough to have just a taste of another culture, another way of seeing things and another way of working. Zurich offers people with special expertise and knowledge this opportunity ... and the destination could be Hong Kong, Zurich, Los Angeles, Dubai or any of the other cities where Zurich operates.

Head of Operational Risk in Corporate Governance Jean Freeland thoroughly benefited from her three months working on a key risk management project in Switzerland ... as did Zurich. She said it was a great opportunity for Zurich in Australia to build business partnerships and share insights into the Australian business model. This helps the Group to build global frameworks that are workable in its different regions.

That’s good for both sides. Jean also made the most of the weekends and the central position of Zurich in Europe to visit places like Berlin, Verona, Budapest and Vienna, and also to cycle in the mountains with a Zurich colleague in Switzerland, Ximena Maritz-Villamil.