Global supply chain

Business strategy can no longer fail to take into account critical enterprise issues such as supply chain and business resiliency. Often, this vital link between strategy and supply chain is sadly proven through the significant impact when there is a disruption.

Supply chain disruptions can lead to an average of nine percent lower sales and 11 percent higher costs, and many companies with extended interruptions never recover. These alarming impacts should be of great concern to a company’s directors and officers, who are responsible for results and for setting the ‘tone at the top’ around risks to strategy and execution.

Supply Chain Resilience 2013

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An international survey to consider the origin, causes and consequences of supply chain disruption.

Strategic risk: do not forget your supply chain! | Zurich Insurance Group Ltd

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But how do organizations mismanage business risk? How do organizations assess their strategy and competitive dynamics, and where are organizations asleep? Recent events suggest one answer is that organizations have become exponentially more complex.

Protecting your value chain | insights | Supply Chain Risk

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The year 2011 saw a number of natural disasters that led to significant and costly supply chain disruptions. This illustrated the global interconnectivity of risks with, for example, production in the US stopping because of issues in Japan.

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